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Agri-Ecology Specialist

by admin - October 24th, 2022.
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Employer: IRD Duhallow CLG
Location: Newmarket, Co. Cork
Job Type: Full time, fixed-term contract
Duration: 1 year
Salary: Not disclosed
Closing Date: 5.00 pm November 8th 2022 

IRD Duhallow CLG wishes to recruit an Agri-Ecology Specialist for the Duhallow Farming for Blue Dot Catchments EIP Project.


IRD Duhallow is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status which was established in 1989 to address the economic, social, cultural, and environmental needs of the North Cork/East Kerry region. It is governed by a board of 23 voluntary members including local community representatives along with state, local government, and social partner nominees.

IRD Duhallow has over 30 years’ experience in successfully delivering a wide range of both exchequer- and European-funded programmes with a combined value of over 60 million Euro, including 5 LEADER Programmes, environmental projects including SAMOK Life, RAPTOR Life, The Duhallow Farming for Blue Dot Catchment EIP and Owentaraglin River EIP Projects.

The Duhallow Farming for Dot Catchments EIP Project is a €1.47 million results-based project funded by the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine. The project rewards farmers for protecting, restoring, and enhancing the river water quality of the Allow Catchments in North Cork. The catchment includes high status objective water bodies including the rivers Allow, Dalua and Owenanare.

This project aims to restore the high ecological status of the River Allow, a high-status objective waterbody in an agricultural catchment in Duhallow, Co Cork. The objectives are to:

(a)      Establish an integrated catchment management system, implementing bespoke measures for river restoration.

(b)      Develop & implement a results-based payment scheme for farmers.

(c)      Incorporate citizen science, biodiversity & greenhouse gas actions.

(d)      Pioneer the new Blue Dot Catchments Programme which is a major objective of the River Basin Management Plan for Ireland.

(e)      Inform national policy & programmes on best practice for the management of high-status waterbodies within agricultural communities.

(f)       Develop and roll out a result based locally led farming for conservation programme for the restoration and protection of high-status water bodies in 100 farms in Duhallow through incentivisation of bespoke high-status measures and nutrient management strategies, developed under previous high status farm focused conservation projects in the area.

(g)      Through knowledge exchange discussion groups and workshops, set in motion a catchment wide farmer sharing of experiences of Agri-environment schemes and conservation project initiatives to bring about social learning on what is required to conserve high status sites through behavioural change and measure on a farm-by-farm basis.

(h)      Incentivise additional biodiversity and greenhouse gas reduction (multiple) benefits of proposed and developed measures.

(i)       Work with farmers through a citizen science approach to measure performance of key measures. Work with industry to increase participation by farmers in the scheme through further incentivisation (e.g., Anaerobic digestion, bonus payments for beef suppliers to ABP, Diary Co-op led sustainability).

Job Description

The ideal candidate shall

  • Have a general understanding of Agricultural production systems such as Dairy, Beef & Dry Stock, and agri-environmental schemes such as GLAS and ACRES
  • Have a general understanding of Nutrient management in farmyards, the SI Good Agricultural Practices for the Protection of watercourses, Nitrates and cross compliance/conditionality under BPS & the pending BISS/Eco schemes.
  • Have a good understanding of integrated catchment management
  • Possess excellent report writing, organisational and presenting skills.
  • Have excellent interpersonal and communications skills
  • Have excellent computer skills, including MS Office packages, including word, Excel, Power Point.
  • Have a proficient knowledge of mapping software.


Candidates for the advertised position must be conscientious, reliable, self-motivated and be of good character.

Education, Training & Experience


  • Hold a recognised third level qualification, minimum level 8 (Degree), in the National Framework of Qualifications, in a subject relevant to Agriculture, Ecology &/or Environmental Management.


  • Have a minimum of 1- 2 years’ experience in a role relating to Environmental/Agricultural management
  • Have a knowledge of agri-environmental schemes such as EIP projects and results-based schemes, the Green Low Carbon Agri-Environmental Scheme etc.
  • Must have a strong habitat/plant ID skills and an understanding of agriculture/ecology management.
  • Have experience of the use of GIS mapping software.
  • Experience managing, analysing, and interpreting ecological datasets.
  • Experience in the preparation and monitoring of farm plans.
  • An understanding of National and EU legislation such as the Water framework Directive, Habitats Directive and the Birds Directives.
  • Have excellent report writing skills
  • Have a proven history of fostering a positive working relationship with colleagues, industry stakeholders and landowners/the community.
  • Have a positive solution driven/problem solving approach to work.
  • Have a flexible approach to work and a willingness to travel to project farms.


  • Department of Agriculture approved Farm Advisory Service registered.
  • Have experience of applying for both National Level and EU funding such as EU Life Projects.


The Agri-Ecology specialist will have particular responsibility for the following duties:

  • The Agri-Ecology specialist will liaise with the Project manager, project team, project farmers and relevant stakeholders such as the Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine, LAWPRO etc.
  • Carry out results-based assessments of project measures such as habitat scoring of wet grassland, riparian buffers, and water quality mitigation measures.
  • Be the primary point of contact for project farmers and relevant stakeholders.
  • Carry out the collection and collation of baseline data such as water quality analysis and field surveying.
  • Prepare and deliver project farmer training modules such as water quality and agriculture, citizen science, a whole farm approach to improving water quality in a high-status river catchment and the results-based approach.
  • Carry out verification checks for additional proposed non-productive investment works.
  • Provide ongoing advice to project farmers and project contractors.
  • Preparation of status reports and annual reports for the project manager and DAFM
  • Facilitate site visits for industry stakeholders.
  • Organise outreach events.
  • Support the dissemination of the EIP project to industry stakeholders and the public
  • Any other duties as assigned by the project manager.

Post Location

The post will be located at the James O’Keeffe Institute, Newmarket, Co. Cork P51 C5YF.

Particulars of Employment

The Agri-Ecology specialist will be employed by IRD Duhallow CLG on a full time (35 hours per week) fixed term 1 year contract basis. The contract may be extended annually there-after, subject to continuing funding.


  1. Selection will be by means of a competition-based interview
  2. A panel will be formed on the basis of such interview
  • Candidates will be short- listed on the basis of relevant qualifications and experience and invited for interview.


Contact: Maura Walsh

Telephone: 029 60633


Please forward a full CV and cover letter of application to:

Maura Walsh, CEO, IRD Duhallow CLG, James O’Keeffe Institute, Newmarket, Co. Cork, P51 C5YF

Or email

Not later than 5.00 pm on Tuesday November 8th, 2022.


*Please mention when applying for this position.*

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