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Fully Funded Volunteer Career Break

by admin - December 4th, 2017.
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Organisation: Agape Adventures
Location: Spain
Job Type: Fully Funded Volunteer Career Break – Erasmus+
Duration: 1 year
Start: February 2018
Closing date: December 16th 

Based in the beautiful countryside of Spain this amazing sanctuary is committed to Animal Advocacy and Protection. The Foundation manages two rescue centres and sanctuaries for primates and other exotic mammals. They house animals from all over Europe who have been confiscated, abandoned or offered by private owners. Often these animals are rescued as a result of illegal trade, being exhibited in illegal zoos, used in biomedical research or the entertainment industry, with many of the animals having a history of abuse and neglect.

This is a wonderful opportunity to observe and learn from first hand experience about several species: Chimpanzees, Pig-tailed macaques, Barbary macaques, Baboons, Vervet monkeys and other species of primates. Also gaining a fantastic insight to the care and rehabilitation of Lions, Tigers and Leopards as well as a small number of wolves.

Here – and with the help of our volunteers – they receive the professional care needed for their physical and mental recovery. After a careful process of rehabilitation, long-term solutions are sought through outplacement.

The main objectives are the advocacy and protection of non-domesticated exotic mammals, through the rescue, rehabilitation and outplacement of the animals, once recovered. Volunteering here requires empathy with a non-commercial organisation in general, and enhancing the wellbeing of the animals.

The centre is situated on 180 hectares of land, bought by the sanctuary initially with the purpose of permanently housing groups of primates that cannot, for whatever reason, be outplaced elsewhere. Volunteering here means you get to live in a truly stunning natural environment with stunning and awe-inspiring mammals.

The centre houses different groups of primates of several species: Chimpanzees, Pig-tailed macaques, Barbary macaques, Baboons, Vervet monkeys and other species of primates have also lived here. Periodically a group of rescued animals find a new place to live, so the species of primates are not always the same.

Normally you will work with Barbary macaques, Chimpanzees, and Pig Tailed macaques among other species of primates, all of them rescued from different situations such as illegal trade, ownership as pets, circuses, etc. In addition you will also work with the increasing number of big cats – Lions, Tigers and Leopards as well as a small number of wolves.

Role of the volunteer:

You would be part of a formed team and would help with the care of the animals at all times adhering to the foundations hands off policy, being fully involved in the day-to-day routine. You will be expected to help with the cleaning of their facilities. The preparation and distribution of food, and the constructing and making of environmental enrichment. In addition to this you may be required to assist with some minor technical maintenance, along with any other necessary tasks, administrative or otherwise.


We are looking for volunteers who have an affinity with the aims and objectives of the centre. As an international sanctuary it is important that volunteers should have a good level of spoken and written English. Volunteers should also be able to work independently and as a team member. You should be able to work methodically and hygienically. As the level of work can be physically demanding a good level of physical fitness is required.

You must be in agreement with the foundation’s hands-off policy. Willing to work on weekends (The working week being five days with two days off) and have a driving license. Previous experience of working with animals, in particular with some knowledge of primates/exotic animals is desirable but is not obligatory.

Requirements: Aged 18-30, Irish Citizen, Able to commit for one year starting February

Application form:

Fast Facts

Project Duration: 1 year
Departure: February 2018
Project Costs: Free

What’s included

Flights: Return flights from Ireland.
Accommodation: Shared volunteer house
Food: Food is provided and the volunteer team take turns to cook.
Training: For this project you will receive pre-departure training, in-country orientation and a return debrief session.
Monthly Allowance: You will receive a small allowance for your own personal spending. (€125 per month)
Insurance: Your insurance cover will be provided for health and travel.

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