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Consultant Aquatic Ecologist

by admin - April 12th, 2024.
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Employer: Triturus Environmental Ltd.
Location: Cork
Salary: Not disclosed 

About Us:

Here at Triturus Environmental we are passionate about everything water related. Our mission is to become leaders in the assessment and management of freshwater ecosystems in Ireland. We seek to understand the processes that drive healthy ecosystems through the understanding of core fundamentals of aquatic ecology, the hydromorphology, water quality, invertebrates, macrophytes, fish, mammalian and riparian linkages. From the river bed to the floodplain we build an understanding of the river and the land-use practices that surround it. With 20 years of experience studying the vast majority of Irish riverine systems and beyond, we are now at the most important part of the journey – ‘knowing what we don’t know’. By striving to fill these lacunae and become an integrated and holistic aquatic ecological team with undying passion, we hope to improve life for water dependent species and habitats.

We are now one of the leading teams of aquatic ecologists in Ireland and recognised as national experts in our field. We have worked with many local authorities and national bodies including the Marine Institute, National Parks and Wildlife Service, Inland Fisheries Ireland, Bord na Móna, Transport Infrastructure Ireland and the majority of Ireland’s in-house consultancies. We continue to learn from the interactions with industry wide professionals to improve our knowledge base and are always forward thinking in the wake of challenges.

Job Description:

We are looking for a water-loving ecologist, someone deeply passionate about water and keen to learn and devote time to becoming an expert. Your role as an aquatic ecological consultant will enable you to conduct detailed surveys of rivers, canals, ponds, lake and transitional habitats. You will document and map floral assemblages (macrophytes) using QGIS mapping and other toolsets and compile succinct reports on rare and or protected species. You will document riverine and lacustrine typology and understand the delicate interactions between habitats, species and land use pressures. You will collect invertebrate samples with the option of learning to identify specimens to species level, a highly specialised skill. Fisheries surveys are a core part of our work and will be undertaken routinely including electro-fishing, fyke netting, seine netting and other techniques. You will identify fish species and document habitat requirements to afford protection by informing management plans and or mitigation. You will also survey for invasive species and prepare biosecurity protocols for surveying and or management plans for containment/ control. You will learn the fundamentals of otter surveying including our novel in-house metrics for habitat quality and management. Finally, you will be involved in the collection of environmental DNA (eDNA) and integrate the findings into your work as a support tool. The data you collect will be used to prepare detailed aquatic ecology reports on a wide range of species and habitats. You will closely work with members of our team to ensure your skills evolve over time and that you become a competent and confident consultant aquatic ecologist.

We operate a hybrid work model from home and office when not in the field. This facilitates an improved work-life balance while also fostering team engagement and facilitating in-house training days. The role does involve working away from home during the field season and travelling to survey aquatic habitats nationwide which fosters a great understanding of our national water resource.

The candidate we are searching for:

The applicant should have a certified qualification in natural science (preferably aquatic or fisheries ecology) or a related biological discipline. A degree grade 2.1 or 1st class honours is required. Ideally the candidate should have 1-2 years professional experience but opportunities also exist for individuals with high potential without such experience. Documented evidence of the persons desire to further their career in terms of courses for professional development is desirable including field based and digital skills. The candidate must love freshwater ecosystems and be a keen outdoor enthusiast. Love for their work and nature is essential.

The candidate must have some experience of field work in water, be a very good report writer and ideally have some QGIS skills. They should be willing to work away from home 2 days per week during the field season, have a full driving licence and access to their own vehicle. The job involves travelling throughout the Republic of Ireland and staying overnight and working in and near water is standard. The applicant must be a superb communicator, follow instructions clearly and be very efficient in time management and in their use of time (productivity). They must be able to work in a team and help promote positive working relationship with other staff members.

Membership of Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) is desirable and or other ecological organisations to help promote the individuals continual professional development.


Expert training will be provided on the most important aspects of aquatic ecology with career streaming options into preferred genres of work optional. Training will be fundamental for the applicant to learn and develop field skills, reporting and GIS mapping. Following a review period, the option of full-time employment will be considered once the candidate is happy with the role and meets deliverables/ milestones. As a growing company opportunities will be significant.


Please send a digital CV to A preliminary online interview will be held followed by an in-person interview and tour of our new state-of-the-art aquatic ecology office and laboratory.

*Please mention when applying for this position.*

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